Chopping down trees


I might be missing something basic. Is there a simple way to interact with trees and make them “fall over” i.e. simulate chopping down the tree?


One thing you can do if you have a tree static mesh is add a collider and add its on take any damage event to then set the actor to simulate physics. Whatever is doing the chopping would then need to use the damage event to damage the tree. Presto a tree that falls over.

This might help.

Thanks. Is there a way to apply this to all trees generated when “mass adding” trees?

At the moment, Blueprints cannot be used with the foliage tool. They would need to be manually placed.

Hi when you said blueprints cannot be used with the foliage tool did you mean after the trees have already been placed or will it work for trees that have not been placed yet?

You cant place/use your blueprints with the foliage tool -> just static meshes :slight_smile:

You can have a blueprint that is able to cut down trees by deleting that instance of the foliage and then spawning a new tree class where it was.