Choosing Materials

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick post asking about everyone’s workflow when it comes to level design. I am just working on a concept level (no custom meshes, blueprints etc) for a future project and I found that I am having issues choosing the right materials which I found kinda funny. So, how do you go about choosing what materials to use for like the floors and walls and whatnot? Do you make your own or subscribe to a website or find free assets to download and just use what you have access to?

What I am making is just a simple hallway with one room coming off of it. It is based on like an underground lab kind of place (think end game Resident Evil).

if it’s mobile, you want to keep things simple… if it’s pc, that gives you a bit more wiggle room… i do a little of both, i make my own sometimes and sometimes i use the AAA textures that are free from ue4… it really all depends on the importance of the situation… if you need the fine detail, use AAA… if it’s just a white wall, stay simple… paris use to tell me ‘it’s all about the accessories’ (smile)… below on the left is ‘my’ simple material, on the right AAA… EDIT: don’t forget to connect the tiling to the normal lol…

@northstar I don’t even know what to say about that second one lol That looks so far beyond my comprehension. I’m working on a project for pc. I have found some decent places for materials and they are all really good looking but I can never get exactly the right one that suits what I need. This is what I have so far (ignore the horrible lighting and simple design). I haven’t done very much yet but I plan on using this to learn more about lighting and post-processing and materials and all that. I like the floor but the walls don’t look right with it but I can’t find a good material for the walls that don’t take away from the feel of it you know?

I generally make my own, or rarely remix 3 or 4 textures I found online together into something I like more.

lol yeah… i’ve spent many an hour getting it ‘juuust right’ (smile)… if it’s possible, i usually make a ‘material instance’ of the base material (right click material>make material instance) and make parameters of the things i want to change (like above), like the color or tiling etc, and adjust the new mat inst until i get it juuuust right… but be careful about getting bogged down, you can always come back to it at any time… have fun and welcome to the matrix (smile)…