Choosing between Cartoon Plants Pack and 2d Art Pack

I’m working on a platformer, and I was hoping to save some money on art by picking up some in the marketplace. I’m not a 3d artist, so I’m going to have to buy any art I need. That being said, I’m going for a 3d look on a 2d plane (some people like the term 2.5d for this). My main concern is that the 2d art pack appears to be “true” 2d - simple sprites to overlay on the screen. There isn’t a whole lot in the way of previews, unless there’s another place to check that I’m unaware of. Does anyone have access to this pack to confirm or deny my concern there?

My concern with the cartoon plants pack is that much of it would go to waste, as the game isn’t really meant to be all that cartoony. However, the pine trees and leafy shrubs look like they would match well, so I’d definitely be able to use some of it.

A third option, which is available to me because I’m still early on in development, is to just wait for more to be released and see if it fits my needs better. There’s always also the option that they’re both actually useful and I’m just overthinking it. Thoughts?

Hey fibericon,

The 2D Art Pack is a collection of Sprites for 2D games, and does not contain 3D models. You may get some use out of backgrounds, but otherwise this will not be very useful in a 2.5D game. I’ll see if we can get some more information in the Launcher to make that clearer.

The Cartoon pack is going to include low-poly 3D models with materials and textures to make them look cartoony. If you only need the shapes and can create new materials, or adjust the existing textures and materials, you might get more out of this pack. Otherwise, none of these will look realistic.

Both are low enough in price that you might get something from them even if only as placeholders, but depending on your project and your budget they might not be a viable long-term option.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll end up going with the cartoon pack, as it looks like some of the plants are less cartoonish than others, and could probably fit in well with the art style.