Choice feature?


Unreal is not my strong suit (I’m a complete noob) so I need some help.
I am creating a game for my school project and I want to implement a feature.
I’m trying to make a Life is Strange kind of game where you make choices.
It will be something like this: After some dialogue or during a cutscene you will get two choices on your screen and when you pick one of them the next set of dialogue OR animation will play and that’s it. My game will be very cutscene heavy so I’m thinking that I want this to work with Matinee somehow.
No dialogue system since I don’t want the player to make choice after every sentence.
(I don’t know how this works but as simple as possible would be great.)

Like this: 1061a1125485849c73604ab8e3f3c5e305a8c829.jpeg
Thank you for your time!
I’m using UE 4.5.1

What your asking is very vague…You will need to import all your meshes and make sure they have been animated.
Then all you really will need to do is trigger the animations when the dialog has been clicked e.t.c