Children's reading game : Triggering with Pickup

I’ve been using UE4 since day one of the new release, still trying to figure out where things are and how to hook things up like everyone.

One thing I’m trying to do is to make a game, to help my son who has dyslexia. Yes, basically I coopted the adventure game I was working on and I’m repurposing it as an adventure for kids around spelling. Anyway, the game relies on finding pickups, (using physics to carry them) and place them to spell words. I can trigger the words to plug in using a standard trigger volume, but it only seems to operate based on the player contacting the trigger volume.

I know I can do some very complicated things to make it check to see if I am carrying the letter in question, but the simplest thing to do is to merely have the letter which has a collision box, trigger the volume.

I can’t seem to figure it out so far. Wondering if anyone has any ideas how to get a physical object other than the player, to trigger a trigger volume.


One thing that might help is changing the collision channels in your trigger’s details panel. If you change the collision preset dropdown to “Custom”, you’ll get a series of check boxes below it that let you determine which types of actors will register collision with the trigger. In this case, you could un-check everything except for “PhysicsBody” if you only want the trigger to collide with actors simulating physics.

Thanks! That worked. I also had to tick, “Generate Overlapping Events”.