ChildActor hierarchical Movement doesn't work as expected

Hey everyone,

I am having a bit of a struggle with using ChildActors and the hierarchical structure of the scenegraph i suppose. The way i expect it to work is that my parent/root actor being a pawn applies its transformation to all its children. This seems to apply to a certain degree, but not entirely. Let me elaborate on the setup:

I have a Pawn-Actor, using a Sphere component as Root, and having a child component Camera and ChildActor. ChildActor has a static mesh as Root, using the Torus mesh.
In the ParentActor i’m tranforming the torus so it is in front of the camera, sort of like a tunnel.

The Root-node receives a local offset on Tick, and i expect *everything * to transform accordingly. Yet, the torus remains stationary, and the camera flies straight through it.

The interesting part here is, if i plot the World Location of the ChildActor it actually is transformed with the ParentActor, it’s just the components (no matter if static mesh, arrow, etc) which don’t translate.
This seems like unintended behavior, and i’m not sure how to work around it. It feels like i’m missing something vital, but i cannot comprehend it.

Here’s a quick walkthrough.
I’d really like to know how you need to setup your objects so they actually behave in the expected manner.
Any help is appreciated.


Appears to be a bug. But if you grab the instance of the actor that the child actor spawns and attach it again, it works as expected.

I have submitted a fix for this on the GitHub repo, pending pull request.