ChildActor Blueprint components are broken....repo steps...

Two instances of the child are being created after simulating or play start…

Using the “Content Examples” default level…or any level of any project…

  1. Create a bp (named “TV”)
  2. Add a static mesh component
  3. set your mesh, any mesh will do
  4. Create another bp (named “ROOM”)
  5. Add a Child Actor component
  6. Select the “TV” bp as it’s “Child Actor Class”
  7. Save, compile, drag “ROOM” bp into your level…
  8. Simulate or play
  9. Notice in the scene outliner two instances of “TV” now exist…select each and press F to locate them (if simulating)

Why is my Child Actor component causing a crash? - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums i’ve reported it there and on the forums as well, forum topic was left unattended at all.

It certainly sounds like some issues still exist with CAC’s, sorry about that. I’m not sure yet if the crash and the duplicate child issues are the same, this is certainly something we are looking at though. Thanks for the feedback and repro cases, that is very helpful in tracking this stuff down!

Thanks for the report and easy repro steps. The problem looks to be an issue with how duplication for PIE works where all Actors in the level get duplicated regardless of whether it came from a child actor component or not. I’m experimenting with a couple of potential solutions now so should have a fix in today.

I actually reported this like 3 weeks ago.

has this been fixed now ? is there a way to access public properties of CAC ?

This was fixed here:

Accessing properties is more tricky. Right now the CAC just stores a class for the child to spawn. If you want to modify properties, you have to do that in the BP after it is spawned. In future we may (under the covers) create a unique Actor class for each CAC which can store any changes to the defaults you want to make, so it would work more like the existing ‘Add Component’ node. This is not something we have scheduled yet though.