Child Mesh Has No Collision?

I am trying to make a piston. I’ve created an actor blueprint, added two cylinder meshes, made one bigger than the other, and parented the smaller one to the bigger one so that when the piston is spawned in game they stay together. I’ve set up a toggle to extend the smaller cylinder with ‘Move Component To’, which works. When I spawn the piston and it is ‘Static’ both cylinders have collision, but when I set the ‘Simulate Physics’ for the Parent to true, the child no longer has collision. Is there anyway for me to turn on the collision of the child while the piston is dynamic? If I unparent the bigger cylinder, I run into problems keeping the inner cylinder connected and in the same location as the bigger one. Any help working this out would be helpful, thanks.



Another problem I have, is after spawning the object it doesn’t simulate physics until interacted with, it will just float in the air. I thought ‘Wake’ would do it, but doesn’t seem to.