Child blueprint performance.

Hello All,

This feels like a silly question as I can’t seem to find any information on it, but I will ask. I am wondering if there is any performance gain using a child blueprints in a level. For example, Having a blueprint that can switch between many types of light meshes and settings for each light. Would it have any effect on performance to place the child of this class, or just place the would be parent?


I doubt there is a significant difference, but you may always try it out. Place a bunch of child blueprints and compare it. It would be logical to use the parent blueprint if you don’t require the class to do anything else. If the child would have performance heavy tasks like Event Ticks running then it wouldn’t be wise.

Thanks Xintoc,

I ran some tests and yeah, really nothing significant. The child blueprints were just setting some enums, no tick events. So it makes sense. I think I was under some impression that it was unnecessarily replicating code or something. I think I need a coffee.