Child Actor + Physics

Hi Folks,

I Have been making good progress with a purely physics based railway simulation, but need some help with or some out of the box thinking with this one.


I have created a Wagon_Class_BP in which I can set wheelbase, length etc via variables, Then in a child of the Wagon_Class_BP I add the static mesh of the required body type… all good so far.

Now I want to attach a Coupling_BP to each end as a child actor.
The coupling is made up of 4 static meshes and suitable constraints. (Drawhook,Link1,Link2,Link3)

Because the coupling has constraints and each element has physics enabled, when I start the game the entire coupling just falls to the floor.
I have tried putting a constraint on the drawhook aand leaving component 2 blank (hoping that it might search back to the parent (of Wagon_BP)
The result was as seen in the image… the coupling maintained the original world position and was not attached to the wagon.

So the question is how can I best attach the coupling to the wagon ?

I have had success creating couplings as part of the Wagon_BP.

See Video

But it is most desirable both for game play and versatility to have the modular aspect with regards to adding couplings
(else each wagon has 2 types of coupling front, rear )

The final requirement is to have 2 couplings to overlap plus a Player overlap and a input function from the player triggers coupling/uncoupling,

Any help, off the wall thoughts on this one greatly appreciated


Paul G