Child Actor Component variables inaccessible.

I wasn’t too sure how to word the title, and I believe others have asked about this in the past, but I’m wondering if anything was done about it since then.

Basically I have a bunch of modular assets. And inside of those modular assets, are other modular assets, etc etc…

For example, I have a Corridor actor blueprint, and I have a Circuit breaker actor blueprint underneath the corridor in a maintenance tunnel.

The Circuit breaker is part of the Corridor actor blueprint as a Child Actor Component.

In the Circuit breaker object, I have a boolean value to turn it on/off.

When I select the Circuit breaker (which is a child actor component of the Corridor), I can see the exposed/public variable, however any time I try to change the variable, the selection automatically reverts back to the root and doesn’t change at all.

Currently, the only way I can bypass this problem is by creating the same boolean variable inside the Corridor blueprint, then going to the construction script for the Corridor, getting the child actor of the circuit breaker child actor blueprint, casting it as a circuit breaker object, then assigning the circuit breaker’s variable the value of the corridor’s same value.
(Yeah, it’s painful…)

This is obviously a very inconvenient way of going about the problem, and feels like an unnecessary headache, however I am not sure if that’s just how it is due to technical limitations. I think I understand why it might not work, but at the same time, I find it confusing.

Is there something I am missing here? Is there a technical reason that I cannot edit the Child Actor Blueprint’s variable inside the level editor? Is this a planned feature to add? Is there a way I can resolve this myself without the really long work-around?

If there isn’t any technical reason for this problem, I might be winking and nudging that it would be great as a new feature :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you in advance.

You need to get the child ref and also cast to the class type.

You’re right, you cannot edit child actor component variables directly. I hate this myself and I don’t think it’s a planned feature. Now I try to avoid child actor components wherever possible.