Checking the restrictions on a EULA for the market place

Good day. I was told by Jake Campbell working with me on my submission to post here with questions about my EULA agreement with my submission. I have attached the EULA that I originally used with a different marketplace. I am trying to make sure that it is correct for the ideas i had around the product I’m selling. In general i wanted to restrict the resell, redistributing of the plugin in general but I also want to make sure that the EULA still allows the end user to make modifications to the plugin that would help them cater the plugins’ functionality for their own specific game needs. And to make sure that i am allowing them to create a game with it and not stating that I am restricting them from creating and selling a game created with my plugin.

link text

any one at epic that can help with this?

Hi there,

I’m very sorry for the delay in response. Currently we do not accept the use of any other EULA’s with the exception of the Marketplace EULA for items hosted and distributed through the Unreal Engine Marketplace. If you have sent us a description of your plugin and EULA, you can go ahead and forward this on to and we can look into other options in how we may be able to add your item to the Marketplace in ways that may fit your situation and product much better. Please let us know if you have any further questions.



That where I’m confused as the market place support told me to supply my own Eula for my marketplace submission. So you all will generate one for me? They actually told me to post here for Eula support. So should refer marketplace support back to this answer and go from there,