Check to see if enemies Health is 0 before I can eat them

Henlo, I’m trying to eat adorable animals but some need to be damaged first before I can eat them. Currently I am doing a bite animation and eating all animal characters my mouth collider touches. I will post my blueprint of the Bite and the polar bear blueprint handling that.
How can I check to make sure the Actor Im touching with my mouth collider has a health integer of 0? And If they do not, lower their current health by 1. (The smaller animals like the penguins have a health of 0 as a default because you can eat them without having to deal any damage first. Vs the larger predators like the polar bear which has a health integer of 4)
The Is Hitting bool needs to be true to be able to eat as well, since I have animation notifies alerting that (The middle of the bite)
(I’m having a problem with simply touching the polar bears without doing the bite animation and getting the “too string” string printed)

First Part of that blueprint

i think that something like this could work, you would have to create a new component, then create a new integer variable, and then give that component to each animal

The purple thing that says “component class” is where you would pick the new component you created

here is where you create a new component