Check mesh distance field at specific worldspace point?

So I’m trying to create a material that references distance field info at the Absolute x&y worldspace coordinates, but at a fixed z worldspace coordinate. I tried just breaking the absolute location into a 3vector, and passing the r and g values into a make component 3 vector, and then passing a constant to serve as the Z value in worldspace into the z pin of the make component 3 vector node, but it didn’t produce any results. Do materials read worldspace coordinates differently, or should a constant work in this case?

Thanks in advance!

It should work exactly as you say, but the mesh distance fields only get information for a certain radius around the camera. Are you sure you are checking a value reasonably within the view? Are you sure there are distance field meshes in the scene?

The mesh was too far from the camera, I’ve got it working now. Thank you! :slight_smile: