Check if the component of the LineTraceSingleByChannel Hit Result is trigger

I was wondering if I could check if the hit result from a LineTraceSingleByChannel to see if it hit a component of a pawn to see if it had a specific tag?

This is the object, and those empty box collisions are what Im trying to trace.
Their collisions are set to ‘Trigger’

I cant seem to make the trace hit the boxes. Any ideas on what I can do?

I’m not sure if I need more coffee to follow what you’re trying to do here, but if I understand this correctly, you’re wanting to trace from something to a Volume? I don’t think that will work, as Volumes necessarily are non-blocking, and traces only trace to things that are blocking.

Volumes have an OnEntered/OnLeave type of event (i may not have the names exactly correct) that you can use to tell when something is inside them.

Perhaps if you can detail the purpose of what you’re trying to do a little bit, we can help with an idea to approach it from a different angle

What I wanted was for the trace to return only when it hit the triggers on the box, not the box itself., i figured it out though. Just had to set the TraceChannel I wanted with something that would work with triggers