Check if point is obscured

I’m trying to check if a point is obscured. That is, given a FVector, I want to know if the point is inside something like a mesh or another solid.

I’ve tried tracing (As that worked fine in UE3).

However, tracing in UE4 apparently ignores anything it starts inside, so tracing is useless in this case. (I’ve tried all tracing options).

So how do I check if a point is obscured by an object or BSP?

Below is a screenshot of the tracing failing when starting inside BSP (Red line is trace start to trace end, green line is trace start to impact point. As seen on the left most line which starts inside BSP, there’s no hit at all, and the trace function returns false):

I guess this depends on where your current trace end point is. If there’s no chance the current trace end can be inside another object, I think you should be able to just trace towards your point, rather than away from it (in other words, swap StartPoint and EndPoint).

The screenshot above was just to describe the problem with tracing.

The real issue is figuring out if a point is obscured, for which, the trace start and end would be at the same point, or very close to.