Cheaper Alternatives?

With UE4 free, Maya bought already, PS sub, Zbrush bought, nDo-dDo free I now have most of the tools I need for 10/month :stuck_out_tongue:

What I really was looking for was an intuitive mindmap-chat program and I saw the articy:draft 2 commersial. I downloaded the trial and this software was all I wanted…
But living in Greece and unemployed at the moment, it’s price tag is over the roof for me. So until I manage to somehow find the money I’ll need to settle for something else for that work.

I tried chat mapper, which is not bad but lacks some functionality I’d like to have. Same with workflowy and yEd.

Beside basic mind-mapping functionality and character creation/chat mapping that are a must for such a program I’d also need it to allow me to upload concept art/images/video/sound and attach them to specific nodes and that’s where all the other programs I tried lack.

Does anyone of you have any ideas hopefully free or even with a cheap sub model? If articy had a 20 euro sub model for example i’d do it without any second thoughts.

Also, it’s a long time since I last checked but any news about quixel megascans? Is it out yet? If it is what it’s price?