Chat System

What type of chat system does Unreal Supply for with the engine? I know there are some XMPP classes in the documentation but I haven’t found any examples of them being used. Are these fully integrated into the game engine? Do you need to establish your own XMPP server?

Any further info would be appreciated!


If you mean in-game chat, the absolutely easiest way to do that is with the Unreal networking / RPC system, using the game server.

If you mean chat separate from the game server, then that’s not really something Unreal can help with, because you’d need a totally separate login/authentication system and such.

Thanks for the reply jwatte! Do you have any idea what the XMPP classes are for then? Seems like they might interface to a XMPP (Jabber) back end (e.g. OpenFire, Prosody).