Charged £175 by Epic Games for something I have no idea what I've paid for!!!!

I checked my PayPal account the other day only to notice 2 transactions to Epic Games. Having not used Unreal Engine at all for years I wondered why I am being charged for this service that is now free. 1 transaction was for £79.99 and the other £94.98. I have no idea what these payments are for as I have no purchase history inside my Epic Games account. I can only presume they were automatic payments I had setup when I first started using Unreal Engine as a hobby. I have since stopped any automatic payments to Epic Games.

I’ve opened up a case on PayPal to get a refund and after a few days had no replies. I’ve also emailed epic games to try and get a response from them but nothing back yet. Getting slightly worried I’ve lost £175 and don’t even know what I’ve paid for.

Has anybody else heard of this on here and how can I get my money back?

Thanks, Jake