Characters in VR.

Just a heads up for anyone with a VR headset. I installed a few Paragon characters into a basic VR level last night and was pretty much stunned at how cool this stuff is viewed in VR. Kinda like robo recall graphics wise, but really cool characters and animation. Its good seeing these characters on a normal 1080p monitor, but being stood next to one in a VR environment is really enjoyable. I turned my supersampling to 2 on the rift and it was a pretty crisp image. Well done UE4 for letting me have the characters.

Anyone else done this or have anything else i should try import to look at in VR?

1080 ti
16gb trident z
500gb evo ssd
Samusung 4k TV
Oculus rift cv1.

Yes indeed , I tried also in vr some months ago and was very surprised by the quality of the characters in VR with my rift.:wink:

Done something similar with TwinBlast, hair shader looks wrong because of the way it works.
All that level of detail is not needed in the materials, because unless you own a StarVR or Varjo headset, you’re not gonna see that, so you can heavily optimize them in order to have a smoother experience.

Those videos on motion capture are just awesome. You should do a tutorial on all the hardware and software used.