Character will not move on Z axis, only X and Y

I’ve been struggling with this and haven’t found anything useful on the internet: I created a C++ Character class and chose it to be spawned by my GameMode. I’ve got input bound to make my character jump when I press space, using

GetCharacterMovement()->Velocity = FVector(0.f, 0.f, 1.f) * 1e4f;

This works fine if I change the X and Y components of the vector, but the Z component has no effect. (It also works with GetActorForwardVector() and GetActorRightVector(), of course, but not GetActorUpVector().)
I even tried increasing the factor to 1e12, and it made no difference to the (lack of) Z movement. Why can it move in X and Y, but not in Z? Thanks very much :slight_smile:

To move character on Z axis you have to set movement to flying mode.

Great, thanks! That saved me a load more time :slight_smile: