Character to Stop Turn and Run Forward on Constant Runner

Hey there!

I could use a bit of help with a specific blueprint I am trying to work on. Right now I have my character running consistently forward on a Scale Value: 1. I have also disabled the left and right movement until you have entered into a Trigger Box that allows you to perform a corner turn. However, when performing the turn my character almost slides sideways and into the hazards that I have placed for the character to run into if they are not quick enough.

So I think it may be the best option to set up my blue print to have the character Stop moving forward and Turn left or right once A or D is pressed. Then after they turn continue to move forward. However, at this point I am stumped on how to execute this with the event tick movement that I have.

I have attached images of most of the blueprints and triggers in the world.

Thank you in advance!