Character to grab onto objects? (IK, FABRIK, kinda works)

Hello guys,
So after processing a lot of models, I though to myself that I should set up some blueprints.
What my goal is, that when a character passes an object close to him, he kind of puts his hand on it, as to balance himself out (the guy is older age). I started playing with it, and everything went fine, until I came upon an issue, that the hand is not still.
You can see on the video that the “attachment” works very well, except for those lags (I haven’t optimised the blueprint, so I think it’s because it’s getting called all the time), but I need the hand to be perfectly still, and just follow the player in some form of rotation. But first step is for it to be still.

The best option for me which I though would work, that I would have a BP with spheres for every joint to sync up to, this BP would get called by the AnimBP - so I can get different hand-poses for different objects (so I would have one BP for ball handle, one BP for vertical walls, one BP for tables, etc).

Could you guys maybe give me some pointers? Maybe I got something wrong in the persona?
I think its pretty hard question, because I haven’t found any info about this.


P.S. - In the U.S. I hated those ball handles - when you have to go out from the toilet and gotta grab the whole thing which 1000’s of people grabbed before you, bleh