Character Supposed to Respawn in the Sky, Forces Self to Ground upon Possession

I’m utterly furious at how little sense this is making to me.

For what my blueprint looks like, here’s an Imgur set:

Here’s my main problem: when I destroy and respawn a character, it will insist on being grounded, even though it’s spawn point is 50 meters in the sky. If I only move the old character, everything is fine. If I create a dummy character 50m up, it will be created without a problem. If I try to possess the dummy, the character is instantly slammed to the floor. Forcibly placing the new character into the proper location does nothing, even though every bit of print-testing I’ve run says the character is airborne. Here are some experiments I’ve tried, and their results:

  1. Disable movement replication on the old character before creating the new one: causes an extremely fatal memory-devouring crash
  2. Executing destruction/creation on the client instead of the server: the end result is the same.
  3. Creating the character on the server, possessing it within the client-update, then destroying the old character afterwards: results in the new character dying client-side, and hanging in the air server-side.

This is a maddening problem to deal with. The solution will likely be something utterly simple and banal. Thank you for reading through all of this, and have a please have an enjoyable day.