Character stop when possessing other character. Help please

Hello all,

I stuck in days with this problem.
I want to control 3 or more top down character. Its working, can possess they.
My problem is, when im possess another character, the previously controlled character stop, do not finish the path.

What need to do, to finish the path, after un possessed?

Thank you.

I are these moved with an ai controller or player controller?

All in all when you possess your controller stops existing on the pawn you left.

You’d want to before possesing another pawn pass your control to an si controller to complete the task which might involve the variables included.

So… When you click to possess another pawn you first change current controlled pawn to use ai and execute again the same previous action.

So if it’s just moving. The ai should have a move to location etc… When this event happens you need to tell the ai to take over and execute move to location of the location player selected…

So say you are controlling a pawn and said goto b… But then click on another character to tell it what to do…

Click… New char… Before I possess tell current pawn use ai… Use move to. Get current move to loc? Cast ai use move to that loc… Then possess pawn…

Got a video of your progress?

Hi Inph1del.

Im used player controller.
After fails, im tryed with other method. Now not possessing the characters, just simply controlling it with ai controllers and passing data with bpi.
I try to make a “commandos” style character control with top down characters.
I don’t know which better solution. Possessing or just control with ai controllers?
But i will try the method what you say, thank you.

Figured out.
In the player controller, when get the mouse click position before call simple move to location, i send the location to the player character with BPI.
When player unpossessed, send this message to the player ai controller.
Now working, but the character stop for a 1/10 sec when unpossessed.