Character stop moving if I don't look in a specific direction.

I made a stair in my game but when I try to walk on it and I don’t look straight ahead my character stops walking. If I look straight ahead , then he can walk. Sorry for the bad explaination.
Here’s a video : Opera Unreal Editor 2021 12 24 15 56 26 - YouTube
Thanks for reading my question :slight_smile:

Take a look at the scene in player collision mode. Very often in games, stairs are made with a slope as the collision volume, so that the player can climb them smoothly.

I’m thinking, you just have stairs that are too big. You could try just changing the ‘max step height’ in the character.

Thank you for your reply.
I can use the stairs , but not if I look up. I did what you suggested to me to do but it didn’t change anything.

I won’t change anything, but it might show you what’s getting in the way.

Have you written your own character by any chance?..

I found out why , thank you ^^

What was it?