Character spawning and walking above the game level.

Hello guys I am new to Unreal Engine 4 so any help from you would be amazing.
So here is what happened.
I have imported my scene from 3DS Max to UE4 and used the 3rd person game preset with starter content.
I have placed a 3rdpersonCharacter on the ground of the scene and when I hit play the character spawns and walks above the level for some reason.
The meshes in the scene were imported one by one and I have used the default import settings and I didnt change the collision settings.
Here are images showing what it looks like.
Thanks in advance.

Edit: I found out that most of the bigger objects such as the structure the landscape and the ground have some invisible “box” around them blocking the character from getting close to it still dont know why.
Edit2:“Fixed” the issue by splitting the walls of the structure on each side. I do think its the Bounding Box of an object that blocks the player. Did anyone have the same problem with imported meshes?b53ddb5ee8e4dadf3ba67b84522f89fdda69e617.png

I had what I think is a similar issue. I tried to make a brief solution and post it here;