Character rotation via bluescript

So here a mouse input to make character always look at mouse position

at end of all calculations call a custom event which rotate a character, with different replications settings on a event i get different outcomes

1)no replication or (f)repnotify -> set Character rotation : moving character on server+player1 window transfer on other windows; rotation on any other window or running on dedicated - show rotation only on current window and doesn’t transfer elsewhere

2)multicast - same as previous

3)run on server - show rotation on server+player1; no rotation on any other windows but only at current window

4)run on client - show rotation only at current window and server+player1

so, i can’t find a way to rotate on server but transfer to other windows AND current client

can you guys help because im out of ideas?

Are your running on a dedicated server, or does server+player1 mean that the player1 is on the server?

  1. replication works only, if you are the owning client. What character did you try to rotate on the other clients? player1 should only be able to rotate his character etc.
    if you used the same setup as posted, maybe Get Player Controller is an issue (because you always use player1’s controller)

  2. The multicast only works, if you are already on the server. What you want to do is is go from client to server and then from the server to all clients

  • Create an event that runs on the server and call it from the client (Change Srv Set Actor Rotation to “run on server”)
  • Create an event that is called on the server using multicast and call it after the Srv Set Actor Rotation. Then change the rotation using this new event.

3 and 4 are behaving as expected

thanks for clarify, also some guy fixed me with “make them rotate on server and locally too” and at this exact moment i understand a simple “I don’t need to rotate them all in one action”.

pic here variable to get a reference for some future calculations.