Character Revolving Around Camera Question

Im am using the third person c++ template and I am trying to get the character movement to revolve around the camera.

I saw that games like Dark Souls and Splatoon left and right movement cause the character to move in an arc, rather than perfectly horizontal.
What I mean is this:

When the character (red cube) moves to the left and right, they will revolve around the camera [blue shape] or some point in a circular pattern (green circle).

Most resources i’ve come across about rotating an object around a point will use Tick() to update the current angle and object location.
Im trying to do this only when the player presses the left or right movement buttons.

I found this link and tried to implement it in my character.cpp.

I would get an arcing motion but the circular pattern wouldn’t update if the camera moved.

Is there a better way to go about this?
Thank you!