Character reference not working for some reason

All I’m trying to do is make my Player 1 character face my Player 2 character at all time, and vice versa with Player 2 looking at Player 1 at all times. Sort of a “lock on” system. But when I try to reference Player 2 in the blueprint of Player 1 I keep getting an “accessed none” error for the variable I stuck the reference to Player 2 in. The first picture is of my setup for the Player 1 blueprint. I just used a get all actors of class node, selected Player 2 and stuck it in a variable. I should also note that I am spawning Player 1 and Player 2 on event begin play and setting the first and second player controllers to posses those players inside of the game mode blueprint. The third and fourth pictures are of my game mode blueprint and the last is just my main project window. Any help is greatly appreciated.