Character question - can i add?

Hey guys,

Quick question on making a character for my project.
If i went to CGTrader and found a male and female character, and got those, then imported …

Is it possible to add cloths and other items to them? Maybe if i had the source and had someone with Maya or something design cloths and other items for the models? Is that possible?

The models come with cloths, i assume they are apart of the mesh. Can i have someone remove those base cloths and design new ones so people can pick what cloths they wanted?

Well we use Genesis 3 from Daz3d and as a frame work it’s designed for this task. For that matter what you want to do is how we are using the asset.

The only condition is if you need to also provided the Genesis base along with the other project files you will need to pay a license extension fee.


Genesis is the base humanoid shape that Daz3d uses to to make other products available on their marketplace so if you make a derivative or an original asset then the works are yours to do as you please wit out having to pay the license extension fee.

You could if you wish give away the asset for free or even sell the asset as a commercial product on Epic’s marketplace so it’s a win win

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, we would be using this for the project only. Not to resell or anything like that.
The issue I have is that no matter what assets i use for my character, i will need to create tons of cloths and swappable assets for each character model (with morphs) and i was looking for a way to kind of speed that along.
If i use a marketplace item, and, its made in “X” program, i may find myself stuck with a bunch of junk that gets tossed on, or, a ton of additional work to recreate the characters/models used.

Some of the primary character bases i was looking at (male and female) are on CGTrader and i was trying to think ahead. Ultimately, i think i will need to hire in a modeler/designer and get this done right the first time. I am already running to tons of issues with marketplace characters not matching up with skeletons and getting some crazy effects. Its really ■■■■■■■ me off that everything except the particle effects, the marketplace has been 90% wasted money and time.

Took a look see and CGTraders does have some gems at excellent prices but really thin on the info as to construction.

If you just need digital people this is a nice package. (not knowing the needs of the project)

If I recall the same package a while back went for $1200 so might be worth a few e-mails to the company. At that price my guess is they are not rigged and are hole fillers.

One way to speed that up is to decide on your characters “modular design.”.
4 years ago we had a bald/nude character that was female, and she had hats. Some large some small, and some furry.
We would show hide the hat along with different hair. We also had 3 dresses all different, and had same dynamic materials with show hide invisible.
The hair, hats, and dresses were weighted to bone, and it was there the entire time, but rendered invisible, and all were not simulated cloth but weighted to the bones in the character.
If your straight up going to simulate full cloth physics. Then this is a horrible approach. All our cloths had the same animations, and style was lower poly, but not voxel low.
The big deal was to make just a simple lower budget style, Rarely does one play a game and say the wind effects looked amazing. If it’s AAA quality game I think the texturing/style is more important than cloth effects. I’ve played a ton of games, and I cant recall any that had strong cloth physics other than bloodborne/DS3. I can recall how nice the sweater, and jeans looked in a game I only demo’d for 5 minutes, bought it, and only played it for 20 minutes, but paused it constantly to look at the texture effects. “Until Dawn.”
It’s the only game I’ve ever said to myself. “That’s some awesome cloth.” I am not for the cinematic type of games.

Thanks for the replies -

Yeah I am looking for a male and female model that i can have “unlimited” hair and cloths swaps. Is am not concerned about the full Asian MMO custom stuff like Black Desert Online has (good lord, too much already!" …
I jsut want a fair model of male and female, adding in cloths and hair and all that … and skeletons that work with Kubald animations that dont break rofl

OK so are you after just the framework to hang stuff off of over time or a ready made kit of digital people?

If you want something that you can build up over time once again Genesis is well suitable for this purpose and the only startup cost is the time necessary to learn.

Just download Daz Studio, which is free, and part of the package comes with a Genesis figure , male and female, as well as some starter assets like cloths, footwear, hair, and play around with it for a while… After all it’s free and is rigged up in full so it can act aka talk.

What might be confusing is Genesis is a system and not just a character model that you can make an infinite number of characters and dress them up like a Barbie doll (well just as easy anyways)

I’ve been using Daz Studio and Genesis for years and having played with Unreal 4 for a while now and as a replacement for the base Epic rig i’s the most logical choice as it does not cost a cent to test drive.

Awesome, i will check it out, thanks so much for this info !