Character Pawn Net Relevancy

Hi all,

I’ve been plagued with this problem for some time now and it’s a real show stopper. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My character pawn’s visibility seems to randomly turn on/off dependant on position.

bAlwaysRelevant is true and I’ve tried overriding IsNetRelevantFor to brute force its relevancy, which doesn’t seem to help:

bool ARavCharacter::IsNetRelevantFor(const AActor* RealViewer, const AActor* ViewTarget, const FVector& SrcLocation) const
{    return true;

On tick I log spam the skel mesh’s visibility, which changes correctly (you can see it in the video)

Where it gets even worse is when you’re in a vehicle and this happens to your own character. As you drive arround, your attached/seated character turns on/off and when it’s off you have no pawn to occupy and leaving the vehicle becomes impossible.

The character is basically a copy/paste of the shootergame’s character with added functionality for sitting in vehicles (sets collisions to ignore vehicles, etc…), and carrying objectives (like ctf).

In the video you can see that when it disappears, the movement seems to dead reckon until it becomes visible again, which snaps it…

Any ideas?


Am I supposed to be sending client view info to the server? Maybe my brain is making things up but I vaguely remember having to do that in ue3 to maintain proper relevance. I think this might be the problem in the first video (OP) where the observer wasn’t spawned, but had the control point (spawn area) selected as a viewtarget.

However, there’s still the relevancy issues when I’m driving a vehicle… but that shouldn’t possessing the vehicle and it’s movement comp be doing anything necessary like that? (see video)…20-98.wmv?dl=0

Also, if I spawn in, possessing a character pawn, it seems to make more sense and less random. In the second video, when the other player (carrying an objective; star icon is over him) walks behind a hill to obstruct the view, the movement goes to dead reckoning. In the video, as soon as I get behind the hill I stop walking, pause then walk backwards and it snaps back to the correct position when in view again.

This has to be intentional and based off the player’s view… but where is this happening ?