Character Movement stuck on level load

Hello Folks

Having a little trouble with our character movement. Typical FPS player setup, WASD movement etc however when the player transitions between levels, if a movement key is held, upon loading into the new level, the player will be stuck moving in the opposite direction.

For example; When a player moves forward into the level transition volume, holding W during level load, the player will spawn in the second level and be automatically moving backwards without the ability to move forward.

I’ve included our player setup with movement etc but I cant for the life of me find out what the issue is.

You can view the player character blueprint here; Movement Blueprint > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

Have you tried turning off input to the controller while you’re changing levels?

Did try that, however once the level has loaded and we re-enable player input, if the movement key is held then the issue persists.

Hmmm, no idea I’m afraid. Are you using streaming volumes?

No streaming volumes in use :confused:

Ok, so how are you doing it? Open level?

It’s a simple trigger box, camera fade/delay then open level

Ok, it works fine with default first person, I’m thinking it’s your character code somehow, but it looks a bit complicated :slight_smile:

Is your character FP or TP or…

So I perused your BP a bit more.

I don’t see any possibility for no movement. You always either adding or subtracting with the moment variables. How does movement stop?