Character Movement Setup is plain wrong!

In this page it is stated that you need to rotate your mesh by -90 degrees.

Three things here:
First: Unreal is X Forward
Second: Unreal’s Default Mannequin is Y Forward.
Third: An X forward model doesnt need to be rotated.

Just because Epic itself mixed it up doesnt mean a developer should correct this.
Some users get confused and think it’s mandatory to rotate the mesh. This can cause serious problems with animations because the 90 degrees rotation needs to be taken into consideration

Yeah I always thought the official line was to make sure your mesh pointed down the X axis on export from your Max/Maya etc…its what I’ve done since UDK…

Yet all the tutorials I’ve been through lately that come with some example assets dont seem to do this. Becomes annoying having to rotate everything…plus if its rotated wrong then you cant use it as the root component without great difficulty.

Thanks for reporting this issue! I will pass this along to the appropriate contact here at Epic Games.