Character Movement Replication, Sprint

For the last month, ive tried making a sprint for a dedicated server. I tried looking up the character movement replication system that unreal engine has in the tutorial area. I for the life of me cannot grasp it. ive tried the whole “ServerSprint_Validate/implementation” thing and still cannot get it to work. Ive done DOREPLIFETIMES , etc and ive gotten nothing but errors such as duplicate symbols and even worse, compiling but just not working in game. Can someone please for the life of me, make a youtube video on how to do this/generalize it or at least dumb it down for me. It would be greatly appreciated. Put it down to like child terms idk. Ill even pay like 20$ at this point lol… but i cannot get the hang of this at all. Its frustrating because when i think i understand it, it turns out i dont.

anyone out there? :confused:

Your best bet is probably to look at the source code for ShooterGame (ShooterCharacter.h & .cpp) and see how it’s done there.

I think you can download it from the epic games launcher under the learning tab (or just google where to find it)

The ever brilliant Rama has an excellent Wiki on the subject here:…eplicatedUsing

Yes the ShooterGame example already do what you want.

The Autonomous Proxy Character calls **SetRunning **instantly on itself while also sending an RPC to the server setting a bool bWantsToRun that the character use in IsRunning used by the Animator etc. . Note that bWantsToRun replication condition is set to COND_SkipOwner as it is already set on the owner since it is the one that started the event chain.