Character movement on specific grid.

Hey Everyone,

This is my first post on the forum and I am new to UE.

I have a question and need some help:
I would like to make a character that is only able to move on a grid. (first person view) When it turns it can only turn 90 degrees or 180 degrees to go in the other way.

So move forward as far as you want, or move 90defrees left or 90degrees right.
can someone help me out? or point me to a good tutorial or documentation on how to set this up?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @evertm

Basically you can do almost anything but some stuff have to make it on your own hands.
Hope this help you

You can create a custom event to rotate your character.
this event should rotate your character of 90° or -90°…
Beware that if you want a smooth rotation you have to use timelines , or ,
use the tick event to rotate the char a bit every tick…

So you whould use the input not for directly rotate the char, But:
check if you are already rotating, if not, you can call your event to rotate the char again.

For moving forward only when you are a 0 90 180 and -90
you still have to wait until the rotation is concluded.