Character Movement: Flying -> no collisions anymore


I am not sure if I do something wrong or if it is expected behavior.
I have a character with a capsule component. If the movement mode is on walking, collision all working fine. As soon as I switch it to Flying, no collision are working anymore.

Do I miss something or is that behavior expected? Its drives me crazy at this moment. Thanks for help.

Unexpected. Changing Movement mode from Something → Flying should in no way affect collision handling. A better question here is - what else is being done bar mode setting?

Ok thanks that already helps - there is a lot of stuff going on that character. So probably really have to dig a little what is happening here. Thanks for confirming that it is unexpected.

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If I wanted to ruin collision while flying and start clipping through geometry, I’d employ one of the two:

Look for something that’d affect collision of the capsule.

Thanks - I actually never sets anything related to collisions. I am doing a lot things with custom gravity and so on but which should not affect collisions.

I actually found one big hint - my character will do a different animation when he thinks he is attached to a floor (the thing with custom gravity). Movemement mode is always flying - and as I said I dont change collision settings. The thing is now, when he is doing its “Walking” animation even if he is in the air, collision are working.
Not sure how that is related but it gives a starting point for my debugging.

Yeah, that’s not going to be straightforward at all. Do tell once you figure it out!

Ok found it - super stupid. Basically in one node when I am changing its position I forgot to select SWEEP. Obviously it was then moving without doing a collision check xD

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Gonna take my coat and just go… :wink: