Character Movement bug


I am creating a side scrolling 2d game. I have upgraded the engine version from 4.20.3 to 4.21.2 and now my character does not move correctly (I have checked all versions up to version 4.26.1 and there is the same problem). When I press the left button, the character floats to the left indefinitely as if falling and can not climb hills to the left. I find it really strange that I can play smoothly if I go to the right and not if I go to the left.

I’ve been reviewing the blueprints (Character Movement System, OnWalkingOffLedge, Axis, Input System…), but I can not find where is the bug.

Has the character’s movement system or something related to it changed (from version 4.20.3 to 4.21.2) that could cause this bug?

Thank you so much in advance