Character Modeling and Animation Work


We are looking for an artist who is familiar with the full character production pipeline from MAX->MudBox->Substance Painter->Unreal Engine (or substitute your tools of choice) to create a couple of character models with full PBR materials + basic walk animations. The key in this case is to be accurate to the supplied concepts from form to material (and polycount should be kept reasonable, perhaps around 10-15K). The delivery format would be the source files and FBXs for models/materials/animations and PNGs (or equivalent) for textures. Already converted uassets would be nice too, but not strictly necessary.

See images below for the two concepts we’d like to have made. They are both designs from other IPs and will not be used in any product we make. They would only be used as test assets.

This is a PAID job and the amount is negotiable. If things work out, there is the potential for continued contract work.



Absolutely LOVING the style of those characters above, a dream come true for any modeler so I’d love to chat further about what needs done, we could handle every step of the process from 3D, to rigging and into the engine with a healthy walk anim to get them whereever they need to go(or more animations if necessary). Are all of your characters concepted or would you be looking to have help with that down the road?


Hi! I would love to make those characters for you.

Please Contact me: