Character modeling, am i doing something wrong?

this is how my model looks in keyshot

and this is how it looks in unreal

now I know that you should be able to achieve much better results than this I’ve seen a few videos of some awesome looking character models, there must be something In my process that is wrong. create high poly, then create low poly using zremesher, create normal maps using xnormal and then import into unreal, what the hell am I doing wrong?

Ah Have u tried playing with your Materials?.. I am not a model but from what i imported thus far and play with in engine, you need to spend so time tweaking the materials in the engine to get them out right… I could be wrong about this but from what i am doing (Building a Android Game with Unity assets in ue4 :P) i have to spend time playing with the materials. But as i said i could be wrong about this, I’m just a level designer.

Oh, love u model design… what was your reference?

I just made it up :), thanks

Whats your material setup? It looks like you just plugged in your diffuse/normals. Your model seems to be made out of many materials, which would require masking and manipulation of the different values to get the desired effect (cloth, metal, etc.) You should also tone down the lighting or bloom in your scene as well, to reduce the glow effect on the white portions of the armor.

What’s your material setup?

Metal should be set to 0, specular 0.5, roughness probably 0.5. You can set these up as parameters see the result of adjusting them in real time. If you haven’t designated these, that should start making it look better immediately.
You might also have to do some masking and setting different values to get a different look for the ‘hard plastic’ parts of the model vs the black ‘undersuit’.

Edit: JonF and I think alike.

To me it looks like your Materials as everyone else has said but it also looks like your smoothing groups are not right in UE4.

Make sure you choose to import smoothing groups/normals as you have them in your modeling program

I followed the normal map guide on the unreal documentation site, also the material setup is fairly simple with just a constant pluged into metal another into roughness and another into specular aswell as diffuse and normal maps, that’s not what bothers me, if you look at the infiltrator demo, the model they show looks like it would be around 300k polys in zbrush at the very least, so how come my model doesn’t look anywhere near as good, is it a normal map problem or is my poly count too low or what? just to give you an idea that model is around 70 k polys in unreal and about 34 in zbrush.

Your mesh share single smoothing group on every poly and seems like normal map isn’t applied.

If this is a daft question then forgive me but have you set up smoothing groups/smooth edges in a program like 3ds max/maya? Its just that L04D3D never mentioned which software he/she used for setting up smoothing groups/soft edges. I know you can send models with crazy polycounts straight from zbrush to keyshot…can you setup smoothing and bake normal/texture maps with it as well? Anyways if L04D3D has setup smoothing then just ignore my post and put it down to the ravings of a madman =)

Judging by your KeyShot render it looks like you already have smoothing groups setup , you just need to tell UE4 to import your user normals (not to be confused with normal map) when you import your mesh.

When you import the FBX you will get a** FBX Import Options **popup, in here you will see a dropdown for Normals with the options for Calculate Normals, Import Normals and Import Normals and Tangents - You want to select Import Normals

I think the models may have been using tesselation. I doubt it was in the 300k range. What makes the model look good is the use of layered materials, not necessarily the polycount. And as mentioned above, your smoothing groups need to be brought into ue4 for the model to render properly. Your issue isn’t polys, its your materials and smoothing groups.

Can i download it for an FPS i am making