Character limb placed against environment

Is it possible for a character’s limbs to automatically collide with/snap to an environment? For example how Nathan Drake automatically puts his hand against walls he’s close to. Can’t seem to find any solutions.

That’s IK. You’ll need to use a two bone IK node in your animBP and create a scene component on your pawn. Use its world position as the effector. Then do a series of line traces to find the walls you’d be up against and set your effector’s location to be at the impact point and rotate to the inverse of the normal.

This is the general flow for this. I’m not near the engine at all this weekend so I can’t show you how to do it step by step using my solution but this should get you started.

Thanks for the reply. Would this work with environments that aren’t walls? Like a foot orienting to a slope on a landscape?

Yup! That’s what it’s there for, really. There’s a great implementation in the Advanced Locomotion System, which is free on the marketplace. You can see how they do hand and foot IK and put it into your game! Should work on anything visible with collision.

Thanks so much