Character Lag

So I have made a platform that moves using matinee and when I tried to increase the platform speed, the character literally sinks into the block and lags/glitches back. Also when the character is on the moving platform going sideways (right) the player hovers over in the air without the platform then they both sync up again.

I know it is something to do with the character scripting but I have no idea where I could start to reprogram the default character in the side scroller to enable it to handle the high speeds of the matinee. Anyone help?

I am new and don’t like troubling people

whitout a screenshot of the involved blueprints, my answer may not be what you are looking for, but I would try to set the player’s location to be on top of the platform everytime you move that platform. Then no matter the speed, player will always follow the platform’s movement perfectly. Does that help?

And how would I do that in the blueprint?
Let’s just say my blueprints involve trigger boxes at a very very basic standard.

So many different options possible.