Character Issue: it walks on idle position

Hi Guys,
i’m actually working on character movements, i already imported correctly static mesh with skeleton etc (animation included); the blend space it’s quite complex (walking forward, backward and strafing), and work correctly. i created this BP Animation and setted speed and rotation
Using “input” everything work corretly in “preview”
But when i set up the character BP inserting correct animBP and relative character mesh, it doesn’t start in idle position like is in BlendSpace 0x,0y; but start walking in place

What could be wrong with it? if someone can help me or need some more information about this problem, i’m available.

Nobody knows how to solve it?

I wouldnt pay too much attention to what happens in characterBP viewport. Just hit play and test it ingame. Is it still walking?

Unfortunately yes, i tested it in PIE and standalone, and in in both situations; character still walk in place

Well that cant be a hard thing to debug. print the speed variable that drives the blendspace. Where does the value come from? Whats its default? Is the cast actor valid?

problem solved creating a new Character BP, in the old one there was something wrong and honestly doesn’t understand it;
but actually there is a new problem:
if i’m walking forward and change axis, then clicking A or D to strafe, without release W; the character stop to walk forward…ugh honestly animations are driving me crazy, i never made something so complicated…

ok…keyboard problem…solved