Character ingame widget don't shows for client, just for server

Hey everyone, i need some help on a project. First of all, sorry for my english.

The ideia is, a multiplayer game that the player go to a lobby, and after this goes to the Main Map.
I’m having a issue with a widget on the Character Blueprint, where I would like to show the players names above their head. I’m making this with a widget.
Everything works well, but just for server. The server’s able to see the players names but the clients not. Here goes some prints from the blueprints.

There’s where i get the players names, from the Main Map GameMode.

After this, i get the players names and set the widget name variable. Works well for the server, but not for the client. I already verify, and the way that i use to get the players names works well, it seens the widget don’t show for the Clients.