Character "flickers" during teleportation, making it not seamless

Hello everyone!

I found myself stuck while trying to seamlessly teleport a character from one place to another. See, there is a small “glitch”, a “flicker”, a “blur” that happens during the teleportation process (or SetActorLocation), that breaks the illusion. Sometimes it’s just the shadow that flickers, sometimes it’s the character itself. It’s a deal breaker for me if I can’t solve it :confused:

I’ve reproduced the problem using the Third Person Template to ensure no other script was involved, here’s a gif of what the flicker looks like in action (don’t mind the changing colors, this is the gif that messed things up a little) :

I’ve scaled the floor to 5;5;1 to have more space for the teleportation.
The camera is the base camera from Third Person Template except I’ve made the rotation 0;-50;-50. There is no camera lag on the Spring Arm.
The teleportation script is quite simple :

If anyone has an idea to solve this I’d be super grateful !! :smiley:

Have a nice day

Looks like render lag. Reducing max FPS via console (120 -> 60) mitigated it a bit on my end. But it wasn’t really bad to begin with.

Thanks for your answer. I’ve tried capping the max FPS to 30 and the problem persists on my end though :confused:

The problem is not that I’m clicking very fast by the way, since clicking slowly yields the exact same results.

I’ll be having my character walking in a desert, with ground tiles appearing and disappearing around him when needed so that the desert appears endless. However when the character finds an exit he can be anywhere in terms of world coordinates, so I need to teleport him back to a matching tile I know the coordinates of.

Again, very grateful for any ideas here :slight_smile:

Hey ! Just a quick closing commentary: someone helped me on a Discord server and it turns out the problem was quite simple : this “flicker” was actually more like a “blur”… and was due to the default Motion Blur parameter set to “enabled” even on basic templates like Third Person Template. I didn’t know it was a thing.

I don’t know yet if I’ll disable it forever or just during the teleportation sequence, but I’ll run some tests.

Thanks, and have a nice day!

I have a similar problem with bullets. I created a pool buffer of spawned bullets. When a gun fires a bullet there is a blur in front of a gun, because bullets are taken from the buffer and teleported to the fire position. I can’t find a way to prevent this blur. Disabling global blur is not an option.