Character Facing Mouse - So close I can taste it!

Ok, so I’ve been attempting to make this happen since UE4 was released many weeks ago and I’m super close now, I think. I found a guy named Weaver Games on youtube and he created a tutorial, seen here: , for ALMOST the exact solution for making this happen, but now I need to know whats keeping it from working correctly. I’ve posted a video showing what it looks like when it works, and what it looks like when it is not working. Here: Now, I know that there are some posts about this where people give the answer in code, or a code created blueprint node, but I have absolutely no competency in code. So, if someone could tell me, in blueprint form, what my issue is, I would truly appreciate it.

Oh, and a side note: Weaver Games’ blueprint solution has the problem where, since he is using Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel, if his cursor lands on an area where there is no geometry, the character will stop pointing to it. I was wondering if this could be solved by creating a new channel, adding a large (covers all of what the camera sees large) flat box/plane to the character BP at about the middle of the character’s body, set the box/plane to that new channel and set its texture to 100% transparent, and then set the get hit result under cursor by channel to the new channel. Obviously, I can’t check out whether this would work until I can get the basic turning to work correctly. But, it makes sense to me and I was wondering if anyone else had opinions on this as well, though I am more interested in getting the basic turning down correctly.

from a rough glimpse of your BP, I guess it’s because you use setActorRotation on the root component of your pawn, which rotates both your pawn and your spring arm(that cause excessive motion blur).
In your case, it would be better for your pawn hierarchy to separate(I don’t know if you can do that with Character though).

Or, manually fix/rotate the sprint arm like the UFO example.(ie. in Content Example, the movement rotate the spring arm and then lerp the static mesh to match.)

Well, thing is, what I want is for the camera to always face the same direction and angle, lets say north, while my character turns towards the mouse on its own. The player would never move the camera direction to face any other way but north, and my levels in the game would never require the player to see any other direction but north and the area to the sides of the character. Instinctually, I would say the solution to my problem would be to separate the camera from the character controller altogether, but that is even further beyond my current understanding of blueprints and I know of no examples from which to look at to try and understand how it might be done.