Character extended blueprint input action mapping not working

Hi everyone, I asked this on the answerhub, but haven’t received a response. Posting a similar question here in case someone may have the answer (I suspect I am missing something easy). If I get an answer here I’ll be sure to update the question on the answerhub.

I’ve recently been able to work on my project again and for some reason functionality I used often in older builds (4.5ish) I am not able to get working correctly in the current (4.7.5) build. The functionality I am referring to is input action binding in my blueprint. What I have is a C++ class that is derived from ACharacter and have then created a blueprint whose parent class is the C++ class. I’ve chosen to make the C++ class the parent since I already have working functionality in it, but desire to prototype some features in blueprint and wish for all the behavior to present.

When I’ve tried to debug “Client X”, “Dedicated Server”, and “All worlds” nothing fires from input action mapping. The C++ character behavior I’ve implemented in code works correctly when debugging.

Could someone please point me in the direction? Thank you in advance for any assistance. =)

Trying to raise this topic to the front page cause I just have no idea why the input isn’t working (have even tried multiple, different keys). Any kind of suggestion would be greatly appreciated. To me it seems as if this should be working since I previously have been able to prototype in blueprints this way.

Please any help or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated…

Hey there,

i know not getting an answer is somewhat frustrating, but please don’t bump the thread so often. You are only allowed to bump a thread if you haven’t received an answer for more than 4 days!
Imagine everyone would bump so often (: No one would be able to get to the top page anymore.

Anyway, i guess you need to give some more information to get help. Post your C++ Code and your BP Event Graph, so that people can have a look at your setup.

Sorry, I didn’t think bumping 1 day after, then 2 days after that would be considered often. I guess I missed the rule that requires 4 days.


Problem was that source control had a problem that then affected the game mode for the project detailing the playable character as the C++ class and not the active blueprint class I was editing (even though I was playing from blueprint in question, and debugging from the blueprint in question). Not sure if that was intended behavior or not.

Source Controll in VS needed some extra settings, at least i read something like that. Maybe you do some research on this (: