Character Editor output copy

Iam an 3D Artist and working on a Character Editor.
I do a lot of cool stuff like modular design, texturing and morphing.
The big problem is, all the Morph Targets add up and increase to extreme high Vertex Counts.
My question is, exists there a possisility to apply the Morph Targets or is ist possible to make a Code to copy the Output Data of the Character Editor to use it ingame.
Maybe there is another solution.
Ist would be a pity not to use the imense possibility of Morph Targets for Reasons of Performance.

I hope someone can help me.



Ive still built a new Scene with a Character blueprint and do some performance tests. Ive been surprised positive.
It seems UE4 made some alterations.
The vertice count no longer add up with the count of shape keys.
Now It works perfectly with multiple Morph Targets and without any performance losses.