Character design

Hí guys/girls so since i abandoned my game “the last zombie” i have been struggling to find motivation to get something done. but recently decided to make a run of the mill 3d platformer. the idea of this project is mainly to brush up on my content creation skills.Mainly in character development . I want to create a small animated character but cannot get over the first hurdle of the design i have spent far to much time on this process and would really love to get started on the modelling and texturing side of things . My game has no name and no premise as i always feel my ideas are cheesy or just plain terrible . so i have no story to base my character around . is it possible to create a game so backwards like this or do i need to have a good long think about a storyline and a narative … Very broad question i appreciate guys . i want my character to be small and young thats about the depth of my idea so far …But for the lif of me i cannot picture him/her im kinda deadlocked here guys any words of wisdom. Advice. Anybody wanna make the game for me lol

I think either your character would define the needs of the rest of the game or the needs of the game would define the character–if you have neither then you’re probably going to be wasting time on a design you’ll likely change later. If that’s the case, maybe you should start with a placeholder and work on other things and do the design once you figure out more of the game.