Character Customizer (Version 4)

as much as I’d love that as well, its tough to ask that of Lindborg as they are 2 completely different systems… and then why not a tutorial on Move-It! as well… its kind of unrealistic to expect Lindborg to support a product that he didn’t make… my 2 cents…

Yeah I believe I scrapped that at some point… In a previous iteration I added all the characters from CC_Characters to the combo box but this wasn’t really a good idea to begin with. It should just be a text box. And probably there should be a check if a character with that name already exists in the level or something like that.

Hey Lindborg there seems to be a bug with the shorts?

Yes, it seems the morph targets for the shorts were lost in a version update somewhere. Thanks for pointing that out. If you email me I can send you the correct mesh.

Incidentally I’m submitting a hotfix soon mostly aimed at simplifying swapping character blueprints, because it’s something people keep emailing me about and I noticed the way it currently works requires a lot of redundant work and can probably be cut by like 2/3rds.

4.24 and 4.25 have now been updated to allow for easier migration between projects/character blueprints.

Now all you need to do is:

  1. Move the CharacterCustomizer folder to the content folder of your project
  2. Add the input events from CC_Character_BP to your input settings
  3. Copy the skeletal mesh components (UpperBody, Hair etc) from CC_Character_BP to your character blueprint
  4. Add the CharacterCustomizer component
  5. Copy everything from the event graph and the construction script, recreate all variables and set variable settings for replication/instance editable/expose on spawn and update the default values
  6. Update the Spring Arm reference in the construction script to the spring arm of the new character blueprint and set camera FOV to 60 (or change camera settings to compensate)
  7. (optional) Update animation blueprint in the construction script
  8. (recommended) Create a male and a female instance of the character blueprint
  9. (recommended) Copy over functionality from the CC animation blueprints, such as LookAt, expressions, body physics, footwear offsets

And it should just work, no casting required . If you want to add this to your existing project without updating the entire thing you will have to replace the UMG folder, the CharacterCustomizer component, the character blueprints as well as the various hair and clothing animation blueprints.

On top of that I fixed the shorts, as mentioned above, and replaced the existing very oversized skin normal detail texture.

A user reminded me of a structure bug - you can replicate it by unequipping all clothing (selecting </> in each category) and it will incorrectly equip the default clothing instead. I’ve had this happen before and although I don’t understand why it happens it’s pretty easy to fix. If you go into CC_Saved_Variables in \Project_Files, at the bottom the Apparel Names are assigned to 01, 02, 03 etc which are the empty slots in the datatables. If you match these default values in-game, for whatever reason the structure won’t read properly and you’ll end up with the default values of the structure reference from the Character Customizer component instead. It’s very strange but easily preventable if you rename the default values from 01, 02, 03 etc to some random name that isn’t used by the datatables like “none”.

How to fix these errors ?

It says in the post right above yours

“6. Update the Spring Arm reference in the construction script to the spring arm of the new character blueprint”

would you mind to make video tutorials? your product is the best character costumizer available in the market and there is some info spread here in the forums about it but video tutorials are aways welcome ! products like ABK, SGK, wich have a lot of sells and most of people use, have tons of video tutorials that is why they are famous, also because the amazing content.


I hear you, but unfortunately I don’t have the time. Thing is, Character Customizer is a project that involves many different areas of content creation/scripting. People have asked me for tutorials on 3D modeling, animation, rigging, texturing, UI design, even general game scripting. I can’t keep up with the demand.

The time I do put into this project I prefer to spend on working on updates, making it more accessible by design. If you have a question I will try to answer it, preferably by email, and the more concrete your question is the higher chance I can give you a good answer.

wow, now i agree with u.

Small update today which fixes gamepad controls not working properly for the hair widget because I forgot to update some variables in the previous update a month ago. Should only concern people who have downloaded the project since June 27th, in which case you can download an updated version of the project and replace CC_Hair_Menu in …\UMG\Widgets folder. Don’t do this if you’re not using the June 27 update though because it will break the menu.

can i add models i make using your character customizer to other projects i have in unreal or is it strictly set to your project?

Have anyone an tutorial how I can setup an switch if I want to create an new character or start game with an saved one from the creator? I don’t have buyed it yet but im planning it. Because of the good support. A lot of updates. That’s really nice.

The customizer doesn’t produce models, only save data. Characters are either stored in the project’s SaveGame file, which should be used for in-game customization, or you can add characters manually to the CC_Characters map structure and access them anywhere by assigning the name to the character instance. SaveGames are part of the project folder structure (although I think you can just move it), characters in CC_Characters can be used in any project if you copy the content folder.


If I understand your question correctly, you can create an empty customization map and have the Character Customizer menu created on BeginPlay, with disabled movement and such, then open the game map and run the Load function if it doesn’t load automatically through the construction script.

Hi Sir!
I have a problem video link

Incorrect IK setup probably. Can’t tell without seeing your animations/animation blueprint.

IK? I dont Setup IK. Because I did not see such a thing

We do not fully understand it, can you explain more clearly?